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  • Frequent Ask Questions About Delicious Greens 8000


Why Delicious GREENS/REDS 8000 ™?

When Dr. March would advise her patients to eat more fruits and vegetables the one common complaint was all the time and energy it takes to shop for, prepare, and finally, eat the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. This sparked her to set out to develop a food supplement which provides many of the fruits and vegetables we should eat every day, but do not have the time to.

How does the Delicious Kids Super Food Drink ™ taste?

The Delicious Kids Super Food Drink ™ is made with all natural and mostly organic fruits, vegetables juices and extracts. The unique recipe Dr. March developed not only captured the rich nutrients of the Super Foods it contains, but also the delicious flavor of these fruits. The taste is wonderful. The Flavor bears a sweet similarity to Hawaiian Punch and fruit juice without the added sugar, calories, artificial colors or flavors.

How do the GREENS/REDS 8000 ™ flavors taste?

Unlike other products on the market, Dr March’s products taste delicious enough that her three-year-old son would actually ask for it, calling it "juice". Now that he is older, he does prefer the Delicious Kids Super Food Drink ™ to the berry or mint flavored Delicious GREENS/REDS 8000 ™.

What does "FEEL THE GREENS" mean?

Today's modern diet with its low nutrient and high fat content quickly raises and depletes the body's blood sugar and insulin levels and is hard to digest. So this diet, in effect, burns out the body's vital energy stores and creates leptin resistance. This leaves many people feeling drained and outright exhausted. ‘So to counteract this, Delicious Greens 8000 works with your diet to give you a blast of all natural, fresh ingredients. These fresh ingredients will give your body a rush of energy and vitality, and in this way you will “Feel the Greens!”

What's all the fuss about Greens/Reds 8000?

Delicious Greens/Reds 8000 ™ is a unique design by Dr. March. It is a marvel of modern nutraceutical science. The combined efforts of Dr. March and a small development team resulted in a delicious and nutrient-dense Super Food. There is growing research on the positive effects leafy green vegetables have on our bodies and health. We need to take in a surprising number of nutrient-dense foods every day in order to fight off diseases. Our Delicious Greens/Reds 8000 ™ and Delicious Kids Super Food Drink ™ are the answers to this need. One scoop of our products is equal to 20 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink our products every day and your body will thank you!

What sets Greens/Reds 8000 ™ apart from other green/reds drinks?

Our products include organic green plants, flax lignans, ionic trace minerals, natural food concentrates, and fruit and vegetable extracts with the highest antioxidant ratings. The special formulas we have developed provide a drink with an ORAC value of over 8000. Our products are a “step above the rest” simply because they combine the best of a daily Super Food supplement with great taste. Many expect these products to have a powerful taste, simply something to gulp down. The skeptics are surprised to find out that they actually enjoy drinking our products!


What will Greens/Reds 8000 ™ do for me?

We cannot make direct claims about our products curing any disease or illness. However, consuming nutrient-rich foods on a daily basis can provide a number of overall health benefits. So by giving your body nutrient-rich ingredients and powerful antioxidants through Delicious Greens 8000, we can say that you will feel more energized, will have stronger immune support, and will give your body healthier digestive function. Many long time Delicious Greens/Reds 8000 users have experienced: increased energy, healthy cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, restored ph balance, and excellent virus protection. Like previously mentioned, our products aren’t cures for any diseases, but the richness of the ingredients will only prove to support your health. Many times this includes helping areas you may not even expect!

How long until I notice a difference?

Many of our customers relate that they feel increased energy after the first glass. Most people enjoy the increase in energy right away, for some it takes a few days, and for others it can take longer. This process really depends on the overall health and body chemistry of each individual.

Why take our products every day?

If you want to support your body’s health on a regular basis, providing it with a constant source of nutrition is vital. Every day we get up with good intentions to eat well and take care of ourselves. Then due to the everyday stresses in life, we find ourselves reaching for less than ideal foods or are left without the time and energy to prepare those good-for-us fruits and vegetables our bodies need. Delicious Greens/Reds 8000 was designed for these kinds of situations. When our busy lives make it too challenging to continually eat the healthy foods we need. Drink Delicious Greens/Reds 8000 as a dietary supplement to give your body the daily boost of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to overcome your previous “nutritionally challenged” lifestyle.

Can I take Greens/Reds 8000™ twice a day?

Delicious Greens/Reds can be taken more than once per day. Feel free to have a glass anytime you need a quick burst of energy or crave something sweet. For our products, we recommend that you take them on a daily basis, but if you feel like taking them twice a day to double up on the benefits, feel free to do so! No harm will come from taking the product more than once a day. Many people find it helpful to drink a glass in the morning for waking up, and have another glass in the early afternoon to keep you going.

Can I take Greens/Reds 8000 ™ before going to bed?

Both the Greens/Reds 8000 ™ and the Delicious Kids Super Food Drink™ provide a super-charged burst of nutrients which gives quick and lasting energy. For this reason, it is unwise to take our products if you need to get some sleep, since you will likely "Feel the Greens." For the best results, drink the product early on in your day, preferably upon waking, or as a midday pick-me-up.

Does Greens/Reds 8000 ™ have to be refrigerated?

Both the Greens/Reds 8000 ™ and the Delicious Kids Super Food Drink ™ should be refrigerated after opening. Our products contain probiotics cultures, enzymes, and freeze-dried fruit and vegetable juices. After exposure to air and light, the delicate nutrients and properties of these ingredients will start to break down. Before the product is opened it should be stored in a cool, dry place. After opening the product, either keep it in your refrigerator, or store it in a cool pantry.

Do these products contain fiber, and why is fiber important?

All of our products: Delicious Greens/Reds 8000 ™ and Delicious Kids Super Food Drink ™ contain 2 grams of fiber per serving. The fiber comes from oat Beta-Glucans and apple fiber pectin. Oat Beta-Glucan is the active ingredient in oat soluble fiber and is recognized by the United States FDA to effectively reduce cholesterol in the blood. Apple pectin is essential in maintaining a healthy digestive tract. At the University of California (UC Davis), researchers have found that apple fiber pectin is an antioxidant and helps to protect blood vessels and intestinal walls from further damage.

Do I need to take an additional fiber supplement with Greens/Reds 8000 ™?

This depends on how much plant source fiber your diet already contains. It is recommended that at least half of your daily intake of fiber comes from fruits and vegetables, preferably fresh, raw, leafy greens. The other half should come from whole grains and nuts. Our products contain 2 grams of dietary fiber plus probiotics and enzymes which may aid in restoring a healthy digestive tract. So, you can get good intestinal flora from taking our products, but if you want additional fiber, you may look into taking a fiber supplement with your Greens/Reds 8000.

Can or should I take a multivitamin supplement with Greens/Reds 8000 ™?

Our products are a healthy alternative to taking a daily multivitamin supplement. Delicious GREENS 8000 ™ and Delicious Kids Super Food Drink ™ contain naturally-occurring plant-based sources of organic vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. This can help provide you with the essential fruit and vegetable sources of these nutrients. The enzymes, probiotics, and herbal extracts gently aid the body in maximizing the absorption of the nutrients. One scoop of our delicious supplements provides 20 servings organic phytonutrients and antioxidants power of fruits and vegetables in a pleasant-tasting drink.

Can I take Greens/Reds 8000 ™ with a protein powder?

YES! Many of our customers enhance the flavor and effectiveness of their morning or meal-replacement protein shakes with the Delicious Greens/Reds 8000 ™ or Delicious Kids Super Food Drink ™. Feel free to mix it in with your favorite protein or meal replacement powders, juices, or in a blender with fruits and vegetables.

Do your products contain bee products such as bee pollen, propolis, wax, royal jelly, or honey?

Our products do not contain any bee products. Many people are sensitive or allergic to plant pollens or bees. Since honey, propolis, and royal jelly all contain the body parts of bees, they may also contain bee venom. Many people are also allergic to pollen or may be severely allergic to certain plants the bees may have collected nectar from. By simply not including bee products in our formulas we eliminate the dangers associated with bee products. For this reason, those with allergies to bees or certain plants and their pollens may consume our products. We never include bee pollen, wax, propolis, royal jelly, or honey in our products.


Are these products safe for vegetarians and vegans?

YES! Our products are 100% vegan. Delicious Greens/Reds 8000 ™ and Delicious Kids Super Food Drink ™ are 100% plant based. We have never included animal-based materials in our products and never will. Other greens producers may include bee products, albumins, animal serums, animal-based probiotics, or other animal-extracted products. Vegans and vegetarians alike can rejoice. NOW they have a greens product which not only tastes wonderful, it is also safe to consume in their daily diet!

Is Greens/Reds 8000 ™ safe for kids?

Our products are safe for children of any age. When Dr. March’s first son was younger, She put the Delicious Greens 8000™ right into his bottle or “Sippy” cup. As he got older and the greens became less appealing to him, she decided to develop a product that kids of any age would love. This is how she created Delicious Kids Super Food Drink ™! It is so unique that any child or picky eater will think that it is delicious, not knowing that it is actually a healthy choice!

Are your products safe for infants, babies, nursing or pregnant mothers?

YES! As a mother, Dr. March specially formulated these products to be safe for children. Many of her clients can testify to taking these products while pregnant or nursing. Simply start with about a teaspoon and work your tolerance up.

Why should I give my child the Delicious Kids Super Food Drink ™?

We specially formulated our Delicious Kids Super Food Drink ™ to be a delightful beverage for children, teenagers, and fussy eaters. This product was specially formulated to provide a person with all the super-healthy foods which contain essential vitamins and phytonutrients. The super foods contained in each scoop of our delicious supplement can help improve mental focus, boost their immune system, and ensure proper nutrient intake. The all-natural organic food extracts and juices contained in this product are easy to digest and are made to easily be absorbed through the addition of beneficial enzymes and probiotics.

How about the elderly? Should they drink the Greens 8000 ™ or Delicious Kids Super Food Drink ™?

Definitely! Our products are great for anybody who has a hard time consuming the proper nutrition or who doesn’t want to drink anything that doesn't taste good. Our products are a great supplement that many elderly ones will enjoy. Our products are so good that almost everyone finds them tasty and helpful. All the Super Food concentrates are easily digestible and provide the nutrients that are often missing in the diets of almost everybody, especially elderly ones.


Your product contains green tea, does this mean it contains caffeine? How much?

We use a special type of fully organic decaffeinated green tea. The special process that makes our green tea decaffeinated also preserves the delicate antioxidants and phytonutrients of the green tea. The process is fully organic and does not use dangerous chemicals or processes that regular decaffeinated tea or coffee makers use. You can feel safe in giving our GREENS 8000 ™ and Delicious Kids Super Food Drink ™ to children and those who are trying to avoid caffeine. We are assured that any level of caffeine taken in from our products should not have an effect on you. If you take a diluted dose and work your way up, you can tell for certain if it does effect you, but if you still have concerns about caffeine, you may want to consult your doctor about consuming our products.

Do your products contain alcohol since there is red wine extract in the ingredients?

NO! We use a special process which extracts the beneficial properties and antioxidant power of the red wine and leaves it completely alcohol free. Our special process brings out the essential nutrients and delicate properties of the red wine and makes it safe to drink for those who are avoiding or cannot consume alcoholic beverages.

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is found in the skin of red grapes. It contains a powerful bioflavonoid which is believed to be responsible for the French paradox. That is, it is believed to lower the risk of heart disease and cancer. Research shows that it has properties which positively affect anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulant, and anti-cancer affects. In other words, this powerful antioxidant has been shown to lower inflammation, reduce the possibility of dangerous blood clots, and reduce the risk of cancer.

What are Fructo-Oligosaccharides? Is it a form of saccharine?

Fructo-Oligosaccharides (FOS) are 100% natural long chain sugar derived from beets and are used as a food source for friendly bacteria in the intestines. FOS goes unabsorbed by the human body, does not spike insulin levels, and is safe for diabetics. FOS is not or in any way similar to the synthetic sweetener saccharine. These are long chain sugar molecules which are found primarily in beets.

Are these products made without grains or flours?

Our products do not include unsprouted grains or any flours. Our products do contain barley grass and the malt of sprouted barley. This is different from actual grain. Once a grain sprouts, it is no longer really a grain; it is a living organism, and the properties, such as sugars, proteins, and amino acids change dramatically. In a way, the seed part of the grain is digested by the living plant and re-manufactured by that plant into products which are more easily digestible than what the unsprouted grain contains.

Are the GREENS/REDS 8000 ™ and Delicious Kids Super Food Drink ™ "gluten free?"

We do not guarantee that our products are 100% gluten free. Any product that contains barley, which is a member of the wheat family, cannot guarantee that its products are 100% free of gluten. However, we do not add gluten to our products and, typically, barley grass and sprouted barley malt do not contain any significant amounts of gluten.

Can someone who is allergic to soy products safely use GREENS/REDS 8000 ™?

Our products do not contain any soy beans. We do include a lecithin extract from soy. However, this is not from tofu or fermented soy products and does not contain the toxins found in the soy bean (legume), which most people with sensitivities find intolerable. Since the product does contain an extract from soy, it is wise to consult with your health care practitioner about consuming our products.


Are ALL ingredients in GREENS/REDS 8000 ™ organically grown?

If we can obtain an ingredient in a wild and/or organic form, we will use it. However, not all products can be 100% certified organic. The reason for this is that not all products are currently produced in 100% organic certified facilities. Products such as Spirulina and other ingredients are not currently available in organic form. If and when these ingredients are available on the certified organic market, we will be sure to include them.

What does the term "certified organically grown" mean?

Certified organically grown” means that the product or ingredient has been grown on land and processed in a facility which has been tested to be free of chemical inputs such as pesticides, fertilizers, sewage, antibiotics, food additives, preservatives, irradiation, and genetically modified products for a period of three to seven years or more, including the current crop.

Does Greens/Reds 8000 ™ use nanotechnology?

No! We do not utilize nanotechnology in any of our products, nor do we endorse its use. With many companies hailing the wonders of nanotechnology you may wonder why we have taken a firm stand on this issue. It is simply the issue with the safety of nanotechnology.

Are these products considered "raw" food?

Our secret recipe and special processing ensures that none of our products are cooked or heated (Excluding the lecithin). We do not pasteurize or cook any of the ingredients. Nor do we employ irradiation. Our high quality standards ensure that the product you scoop out of the canister is as fresh and raw as it was on the day when it was fresh picked at the peak of ripeness. The only ingredient that must be heated involves the extraction of lecithin from soybeans.

Do you assure the products I purchase from your company contain no genetically modified organisms?

Definitely! We do not include genetically modified or genetically engineered ingredients in our products. We use only natural ingredients, from natural suppliers, and strive to include as many certified organic ingredients as there are available. When using non-certified ingredients, we strive to use ingredients from manufacturers who follow food safety standards as close to certified organic as possible.


What is it that makes GREENS/REDS 8000 ™ taste sweet if there are no added sugars?

One look at the label of our products will reveal that there are no added sugars contained within. The main ingredients, the fruit and vegetable juices, are naturally sweet. When you combine barely grass, carrot juice, cherries, Goji berries, raspberries, and other fruits together, their sweet and tasty flavors really shine through. We also add a small amount of the naturally sweet herb ‘Stevia’ to round off the delicious taste.

I have high cholesterol will I benefit from GREENS/REDS 8000 ™?

You should. You see, we have included green tea extract in our formula. Green tea contains an elements called catechins. These tend to clump up with bad cholesterol, which forms clots and plaques on artery walls. The fraction of LDL cholesterol that forms these plagues dropped over 18 percent in a double-blind study performed with Green Tea. Further, they do not react to good cholesterol or good fats in the body and do not interfere with vitamin or fat absorption. Green tea has been found to be more effective at lowering oxidized LDL cholesterol particles than beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C, or vitamin E.

I have high blood pressure can I take GREENS/REDS 8000 ™?

Yes, you can. The fiber in the product comes from oats which have been researched and hailed as a blood-pressure-lowering fiber source. However, since our products do contain licorice root extract, which has elevated the blood pressure in some individuals, it is best to take this product only under the supervision of a health care professional. Take small amounts at first and monitor your blood pressure for any changes.

I take a blood thinner can I still take GREENS/REDS 8000 ™?

Since most green vegetables contain vitamin K, it is best to consult your health care professional before taking this product. Our products do contain real plant sources of many vital nutrients to your health. Vitamin K is found naturally occurring in the vegetable sources in our products. Vitamin K can negate the effects of Coumadin and other medications. If you have been advised not to eat anything with vitamin K in it, it would be wise not to consume our products.

I have diabetes should I drink GREENS/REDS 8000 ™?

If you have diabetes, adding a health supplement which is full of those good-for-you fruits and vegetables is likely to aid in helping you normalize your blood sugars. To fully utilize insulin our body makes, or injected insulin, our body needs several key nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Additionally, antioxidants found naturally occurring in the fruits and vegetables contained in our products have been shown to help prevent and repair the damage associated with elevated sugar levels.

I take prescription medication should I drink the GREENS/REDS at the same time?

As with all supplements, it is best to take this at a different time than your medications, especially if your medications specify that they need to be taken without food. You should probably wait about an hour before or after taking one to take the other. However, if you are taking other supplements, or your medication requires you to take it with a meal, you may find that you can drink Greens/Reds with a light meal when you take your medications.

Is GREENS/REDS 8000 ™ good for arthritis?

Diseases such as arthritis are generally caused by an acidic environment within the body. Eating raw fruits and vegetables has a pH-normalizing effect on the body, which may help alleviate symptoms and pain associated with arthritis. Additionally, the free radicals are a primary culprit of the onset of degenerative diseases. So, yes, Greens/Reds 8000 can be very helpful with arthritis.

I have nasal allergies will GREENS/REDS 8000 ™ help me?

Most nasal allergies present themselves in response to common allergens such as pollen, dust, pet dander, dust mites. Greens/Reds 8000 contain ingredients with inflammatory response properties and because of this, can be helpful with dealing with allergies.

I have food allergies/food sensitivities will I have any reactions from using these products?

We strive to ensure that our products contain none of the commonly known food allergies. In rare cases, some people have adverse reactions to specific fruits and vegetables. If a person knows that they have allergies to certain foods, it would be a good idea to read the ingredients section or canister label and see if their allergen is listed.

I need to lose/gain weight how will GREENS?REDS 8000 ™ effect this?

Proper nutrition is the main component for weight stabilization and normalization. If you are trying to gain or lose weight for health reasons, it is important to provide your body with the proper nutrient balance and nutrition. Eating too few calories is detrimental both to losing and gaining weight. And calorie restriction can also hamper weight loss because it creates vitamin and mineral deficiency. So, taking Greens/Reds 8000 will help to normalize your health and, in conjunction with a healthier lifestyle, can help you to lose weight.

I have been diagnosed with cancer will GREENS/REDS 8000 ™ help me?

Delicious GREENS/REDS 8000 ™, has been used by many cancer survivors. While it is not at the strength of medications used to treat cancer, Greens/Reds 8000 have been proven to be great energy boosters, and natural health balancing supplements, both of which can be a great help for cancer patients.

Will GREENS/REDS 8000 ™ cause constipation or diarrhea?

Delicious GREENS 8000 ™ contains apple fiber, oat beta-glucans, alfalfa, barely grass, chlorophyll and other fruits and vegetables which are known for their special cleansing and detoxifying properties. We also include special enzymes and probiotics in our recipe which gently aid in supporting a healthy digestive system. So Greens/Reds 8000 will not cause constipation or diarrhea, but will actually help your intestinal flora and digestive tract to avoid these problems.

Will GREENS/REDS 8000 ™ make my hair or nails grow?

When you first drink our product, Delicious GREENS 8000 ™ and Delicious Kids Super Food Drink ™, you will begin to notice better hair and nail growth. This is a rather pleasant side effect. This is partly due to the beneficial activity of the enzymes, plant proteins, digestive support, and dense nutrients.


What does ORAC really mean?

ORAC is an acronym for Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity. It is the resulting score when a food or food product is put through an analysis which measures the ability of the food or product to protect against free radicals. So, the ORAC value shows the antioxidant power that a fruit or vegetable has.

What does Dr. James Balch M.D. have to say about antioxidants?

Dr. James Balch M.D. says: "Free radicals cause oxidizing damage. For example, a cut apple will oxidize as soon as it is exposed to oxygen, and that is why you need antioxidants to cope with this oxidation. If you take that same apple and painted it with lemon juice, which has vitamin C and bioflavanoids as their primary ingredients, most of which are antioxidants, you can stop or prevent the oxidation or the rotting of the apple for some time. That is why we as humans need in our bodies antioxidants, to prevent this damaging process that is going on in our bodies. Our bodies are exposed constantly to oxidizing damage. It is almost a paradox. We need oxygen; we could not live without it; yet, at the same time, the end products of the oxidation process—that gives us the energy and so on—those end products cause oxidizing damage to the cells. Such damage makes us age prematurely, causes cancer, hardening of the arteries and more"

What are SDG Flax Lignans and how can they benefit us?

Lignans are phytonutrients mainly contained in the outer coating of most grains and seeds. Flax seed is known for containing the highest concentration of these lignans also known as SDG (secoisolariciresinol diglucoside). We obtain our flax lignans from the hull of the flax seeds which have been mechanically separated. This process is said to produce a product with 70 times more lignans than regular ground flax seed. These proponents help give your body good intestinal flora, cleanse your digestive tract, and keep your body regular.

Are the Delicious GREENS/REDS 8000 ™ and Delicious Kids Super Food Drink ™ a source of live enzymes and what are they?

Yes! Our special process strives to ensure that as many live plant-based enzymes are available in the product as possible. By not heating up our products and by including plenty of fruits, vegetables, and extracts that naturally contain live enzymes. Our products absorption rate is better. So Greens/Reds 8000 is a great source of natural live enzymes.

What are Probiotics and how can they benefit us?

Probiotics are healthy bacteria and intestinal flora which are found naturally occurring in our digestive tract. Not long ago we could obtain all the probiotics and intestinal flora we needed through the foods we ate and proper nutrition. Through the process of sterilization, manufacture, chemical processing, and cooking of food, the foods we eat are not only robbing us of vital nutrients, they are robbing us of the vital bacteria we need to digest them.

How do rich dark green plants help with cleansing and detoxification?

Green leafy foods are a nutritionally dense source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, fiber, and essential amino acids. These are reported to support our body's nutritional needs, fight free radicals, support better digestion, alkalize our system, increase our energy, improve our stamina, and sharpen mental activity. By clearing out the congestion of free radicals and making sure the cells of our body have what they need to function optimally, our body can begin to remove environmental, metabolic, and other toxic wastes which clog its system.

What are Ionic Trace Minerals, and how can they benefit us? (Concentrace ™ Ionic Trace Minerals)

An estimated 90% of Americans suffer from mineral deficiencies and imbalances. In today's modern diet, naturally occurring, nutrient-rich foods are eaten less and less. Add to that the centuries of commercial farming and soil erosion, the bioavailability of these minerals from current crops has diminished greatly. Trace Minerals are designed to balance out your body’s mineral and pH levels. They offer electrolyte support for energy and mental activity. Additionally, Trace Minerals give your body highly concentrated minerals that are otherwise very difficult to consume.